Wow, finding the right chaps is no small feat.

Requirements: that they fit.

Aside from fit, we were pretty good with anything. We love fringe (more posts on fringe to come, since we are certifiably obsessed with fringe), so finding a pair with fringe — THAT FIT — was a huge bonus.

Fit issues for us boiled down to the leg, both width and length.

Here’s what we know about three chaps we tried:

1. The Interstate fringe chaps (pictured below) fit us in size medium, but the legs are snug width-wise. The size larger would have been too big in the waist, a smaller size wouldn’t have gotten beyond our ankles.

*Downside: the belt doesn’t fit through any of our belt loops, so they ride above the loops, which we are okay with, but for those looking for something that goes through loops, may not be what you’re looking for.

2. We also have Carbine Chaps, which are great width-wise, but too long (even for a 5’9″ frame) and get caught on the floor board when shifting — not ideal.

3. We tried the Hella Chaps, and the waxed canvas chassis with leather sides was super fabulous. The legs were too small, however, and we couldn’t move or sit or walk or really do much of anything when we finally got them zipped.

You can find the Interstate chaps here, $119 — they feature a great picture of the backside (which we don’t here, for good reason).

Chaps close up

Here’s to more wild,