Valerie Brigham has her own style. A rider of over 14 years, and self-described as a “well endowed” woman, she’s always sought out clothes and accessories that help to “dress her curves.”

She found the clothes that fit her unique style, but she did notice that other curvaceous women riders often were wearing large men’s crew neck t-shirts – hardly the attire to accentuate the curves.

“It’s hard to find nice stuff for us curvy women.”

And so Go Brazen was born, with encouragement from Valerie’s sister, Jennifer Brigham, who thought there was a way to help other voluptuous women. Go Brazen, based in Red Wing, Minnesota, and with a full online store, began with bandanas but has expanded with a line of clothing that “caters first to the curvy girls.”

Her moto: “Flaunt your curves, and be a bombshell.”

After all, it’s what she’s been doing for years.

Go Brazen is in its third year of business – and going strong. Go Brazen vended at Sturgis for the last two years, but won’t this year. Valerie needs to hold down the fort because business booms.

And it booms for good reason. Plus-sized clothes typically run at higher prices, but Go Brazen keeps the prices in line with misses sizes. Not to mention, the clothes are adorbs. We are diggin’ this hot little lattice beauty:

Red Lattice Go Brazen

“I do the store my way, which means we focus on inventory on size 3x on down. Not the other way around.”

There’s plenty of bling to be found at Go Brazen. Bling, coupled with some seriously sexy clothes for our seriously sexy curvy sisters.

Read more about Go Brazen in this feature news story published by the Red Wing Republican Eagle.

Here’s to curvy girl wild,

Ana S.