Any rider, no matter the ride, any person, no matter if they ride, will be BLOWN AWAY by the history, stories and artifacts featured in the huge, beautiful space of the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I found this was a tremendous resource that shares the history of not only of the Harley Davidson company, but of how our American history and culture has experienced, used and loved motorcycles.

There are so many legendary moments and innovation captured in the museum — I left energized, inspired, and with a deepened commitment and passion to my life as a motorcyclist.

If you ride, visit the museum.

If don’t ride yet, but dream of doing so one day, visit the museum. (You’ll be on a bike in no time.)

If you don’t ride, and never want to ride, visit the museum. You’ll learn a ton, and you’ll have a new understanding of why those who ride love to do so.

To finding your wild,
Ana S.

P.S. I share just a few pictures here — don’t want to spoil the experience, especially for first time visitors!

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