How to cope?! Winter, snow, bike tucked and plugged in for winter? It’s almost more than one person can handle.

We cope by remembering what was, those days when we rode and didn’t give thought to anything else but bike and road . . .

The best way to cope with winter — obsess about your bike.

We cope by envisioning what will be, the moment we hop back on that beautiful work of art and set course for a new adventure, new people, new experiences.

We cope by recalling in this very moment how lucky we are to ride, to feel the sunshine on our shoulders, the heft between our legs, the throttle in our hand.

And we look obsessively at our bikes in the garage and talk lovingly to it (“How ARE you?! Are you okay? Is your oil good? Your battery? Those plugs, did I get them tight enough? You are so pretty. I miss you. I love you.”)

We spend inordinate amounts of time looking at pictures of our bikes, our trips, our moments, pictures of other people’s bikes, pictures of bikes we want to buy, pictures of bike gear we want to wear, pictures of bike accessories we want to add.

This is how we riders cope with winter and snow and cold. There is no other way. This is how it is.

To your wild this winter,