I love riding motorcycle. Long, long rides and packing my bike down with bags and bungees. Forever, wide, desolate and open roads. I love both the utter loneliness and total completeness of riding.

One of the things I love most, however, is the simplicity that comes with riding. It’s just me, my bike and the road. Yes, there’s all the gear, and the points of concentration and focus that must be kept while riding. But mostly, riding motorcycle keeps me simple.

I don’t have photographers following me. Or magazines wanting to take pictures of my backside while I straddle my bike. No, I just have me and my bike. I snap an occasional selfie — so I can capture the moment of my ride, my feeling, my loneliness, my completeness.

This picture — it’s simple. It’s my helm. My glasses. My face. My eyes. It won’t make it much further than this website, and that’s just fine with me. I share it with you, because I know you too love the simplicity that riding promises. And I think this picture captures exactly that — simple.

To your wild,