18 days and counting.

This is my third year attending Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and I’m going out for one thing, and one thing only – the women.

Bike week has a historical reputation for a lot of things, not the least is wanton alcohol, women and partying.

Of course, those who attend know that it’s so much more: second-to-none riding in the beautiful Black Hills, racing, music, events, seeing old friends and making scores of new ones.  I’ve done all that good stuff, and I’ve loved every minute.

But this year, I’m looking for something new. So I’m taking a different approach.

My goal: Hook up with as many women as possible. I’m attending Wild Gypsy Tour to make that happen.

Here’s what I’m gonna do with all the women I meet:

  • Hug and kiss and high-five them. I will fall instantly in love with the women I meet because we have something very important in common – motorcycles and the love of riding. We therefore instantly understand each other. It’s in understanding each other that we can love each other the best.
  • Listen to – and hear — them. I’m gonna listen long and hard to all the important things my women have to say. It’s all important – even the seemingly not so important stuff. I’m gonna listen to stories about motorcycles, fear of motorcycles, riding techniques, roads you gotta travel, lovers gone good, lovers gone bad, broken hearts, healing hearts, sex, our bodies, sex, our hair, sex, jewelry, sex, boots, sex, and tattoos. And sex.
  • Ride with them. Of utmost importance, I’m gonna ride with them. It’s in that riding together that forms these unbreakable bonds. In watching each other’s backs and in scoping the road ahead, it’s how we connect. It’s in our communication through our eyes, hands and feet when we are riding. Because we can’t talk — which you know we LOVE to do – we become close through shared experience and communication without words.

After we ride, we’ll end up back at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®, where we will collapse in our Wild Gypsy Tribe glamping tents. We’ll rest for a few minutes, and then get up and do all the things you do at the Chip.

Hooking up with women at Sturgis . . . it’s gonna be great.



P.S. There’s still tickets available, if you, too, want to hook up with these babes. Visit www.wildgypsytour.com.

P.P.S. Tuesday, August 7th is the big kahuna, when Wild Gypsy Tour hooks up with the Biker Belles® organization for the 10th annual ride, lunch and symposium. That same morning, prior to the Biker Belle ride, Wild Gypsy Tour is hosting the first ever all women’s bike show at the rally, Women & Wheels Bike Show®.

Meeting amazing women at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has always been a highlight for me — especially when they share my taste in biking apparel. 


Wine and women = glorious. (Photo credit: Wild Gypsy Tour.)


Glamping will be a first for me. These canvas Bell tents will feel like a princess’ castle. (Photo credit: Wild Gypsy Tour.)


Founder Kelly Yazdi leads a ride out of Sturgis Buffalo Chip® (Photo credit: Wild Gypsy Tour.)