My last adventure included this beautiful herd. Horses — always horses for me. (Montana, September 2018)

I’ve always been one of those people who needs to have plans. Plans for my business, my kids, and definitely plans for my next trip. I’ve been traveling consistently since I was in my early twenties. So it has become part of my DNA to have something new, different, or even visited before, but SOMETHING needs to be in the works.

This constant desire to have some next adventure ties into my own inner need to be growing. Stagnation makes me crazy, especially inner stagnation. If I’m not growing, stretching, exploring and learning — about myself, my relationships, my heart, my purpose — well, I might as well just call it good and done.

These next few months hold a lot of promise for some cool learning (SCUBA, for one!), pushing my limits, and being close the ones I love. I’m so grateful to have the opportunities for travel that I do, and I can’t wait to share what I see and learn with you.

xoxo, Anastasia